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Bathroom Brands: 5 Names You Should Know

Bathroom Brands


There are a few Australian bathroom brands that have almost reached household name status. Recognise the name Caroma, or perhaps Fowler? Chances are you do, because the little logo appears on many older toilets, so you may have seen one every time you needed to pee.

We all recognise the importance of a brand name, it is important that a strong bathroom brand delivers satisfaction and peace of mind. Over the last 16 years we have been listening intently to customers and seeing what bathroom brands have been consistent with their quality of product and promises. We hand-picked a few promising bathroom brands that have proven to be fantastic in their respective categories.

Baths and Showerscreens: Decina

Decina is one of the few Australian companies that still makes baths in Australia. That’s pretty neat, considering the vast majority of Aussie-sold baths are produced in China. Decina has been around since 1989, and has already become one of the most dominant players for baths, both free standing and inset. You can be sure their baths do not skimp on glazing quality and are very well built. Chances are, in 15 years, your bath will look very close to brand new. Decina is one of the bathroom brands that builds great shower screens too, particularly useful if you’re looking for a shower bath combo, as they have designed them to install almost effortlessly with their baths.

Showers and Tapware: Methven

A Kiwi brand, Methven has been making quality showers with a certain promise: They will guarantee their showers for life, and that is actual life, not “15 years”. In other words, they will swap it if there are any product issues as outlined in their warranty. Their showers are leaders in the category, and have cool features that work surprisingly well with Australia’s strict water usage standards. Their mixers are world class too, with some high end options offering innovative and unique features such as “evenflo”, a technology that prevents the shower scalding you when another tap is opened. Methven’s tapware all have a 15 year products and labour warranty, great for a set & forget experience. We’re most partial towards Methven for their showers and kitchen/laundry mixers.

Tapware and accessories: Phoenix Tapware

An ever-emerging brand, Phoenix Tapware has been a popular choice for those looking for trendy design in their bathrooms. Phoenix invests in finding out what styles, finishes, shapes and sizes the market is most interested in and caters towards the hottest trends. For example, they were one of the first brands on the market to release matte black tapware. They also have an affinity for design awards, winning several. As of writing this post, Phoenix have pioneered brushed nickel and gun metal finishes for tapware. To maximise the ROI for the look of your hot, flash, new and trendy bathroom, you need to check out Phoenix’s offerings.

Bathroom cabinetry: Timberline

Timberline does one thing really well: customisable cabinetry. Vanities, tall boys and shaving cabinets are their forte, but they have recently started diversifying into other product lines too. They have a pretty diverse catalogue that’s certainly worth picking up. They’re serious about their quality control, warranties and design. You’re going to be hard pressed finding any faults – minor or major – in the design, finish and workmanship of their products.

Toilets: Geberit

When you install a toilet, you don’t want it to have issues later on. I mean, we want toilet problems out of sight, out of mind don’t we? Thats why we say “a toilet’s a toilet”, right? Our culture loves minimalism in design when it comes to toilet sanitary ware, pretty much saying “leave the fancy toilet features and functions to the Japanese”, unless of course, it helps us clean it easier. Geberit focuses on what’s important to Australians and that’s why they have been so well received. We really like Geberit. They’re so good at doing [concealed] toilet cisterns, that’s pretty much all they need to sell in Australia. The Swiss company exemplifies the attention to detail and design that the country is famous for. Our customers like Geberit so much we’re including them in this list despite the fact that they do such a niche and specific product line. Just add a pan of your choice and voila, you have an amazing toilet!

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