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Our Story

At ATS, we are little with big dreams. We are a bathroom and tile supply store with ambitions to become Sydney’s finest. Together, with all of our awesome customers and team members, we’re making it happen! We strive to be helpful, genuine, competitive, insightful and reliable. We’ve been having a lot of fun seeing stunning homes and satisfied customers along the journey.


Our vision is to live in a world where everyone has comfortable and relaxing homes, because everyone deserves peace of mind. Our mission is to ensure our customers are creating ideal spaces that they are beyond satisfied with, first Sydney and then Australia-wide. We’re continuously aiming to get better at what we do, we have been around since 2000 and we are obsessed with the best results for you.

We can help you with:

Brand new bathrooms – Vanities, showers, tapware, etc.

All tiles, for everywhere – Outdoors, indoors, etc.



We’re serious about your satisfaction. You get proper, genuine & honest advice, we put ourselves in your shoes. Our products are diverse, our expertise helps streamline everything so you find the right product. We’re competitive too, because our goal is to have you seriously impressed. Your bathrooms, your kitchens, laundries and all tiled surfaces will feel fresher, be easier to clean and look fantastic!