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September 03, 2019 Expert Advice

Bathroom Renovators, Choosing the Right One for Your New Bathroom

How to Choose the Right Bathroom Renovator

Choosing the right bathroom renovator or builder for your new bathroom is a big deal, but not an easy task. The best renovators are the ones who are reasonably priced, easy to communicate with and get the job done well, with no major issues arising in the future.

Bathroom renovator traits may be difficult to discern if you’re only briefly meeting someone when they come out to quote, so here are a few key things to look for to make it easier and to ensure your new bathroom renovation is a great experience.

A Good Bathroom Renovator Must be Reliable and Easy to Communicate With

It is important that any renovator you choose displays reliability and is easy to talk with before you ask them to commit to the work. If there is difficulty in communicating or there is a lack of consistency from the builder or renovators end, there is an increased chance that this may permeate into the project, and some things may not go as you expect. For example, if the renovator assures you that they will send a quote to you by a particular time, hold them accountable to that and let them know if they do not.

Be sure that you feel comfortable in dealing with the builder or renovator too, and be confident in both asking them for advice and asserting what you would like to see with your completed bathroom. After all, you’re the one that has to live with the results of the finished work!

Do a Licence Check with The Department of Fair Trading

Every licensed renovator or builder will gladly give you their license number, so it is simple to do a quick license search with the Department of Fair Trading. The exact process for the search may vary from state to state, but a quick google search should point you in the right direction. In NSW the check may be done here.

The license check will give you valuable information, such as any negative issues that may have arisen in the past, and you may see how these have been resolved. It might sound simple, but it’s crucial also to confirm that they are legally able to do the work that you would like to contract them to do, and the check will also give you important details about the scope of work they can perform under that license.

Ask for tips, and also be firm with what you’re looking for from your bathroom renovator

A good bathroom renovator will freely give advice on what you can do in your situation and will offer workarounds for when it’s hard to give you exactly what you would like. It is in this case that you may decide whether the cost of the workaround is worth it to you. For example, customers frequently want large tiles in the bathroom, and there are possible ways to do this on the bathroom floor, even in a tight space where the drainage is an issue. Make sure you ask for advice from each renovator you invite out for a

For example, customers frequently want large tiles in the bathroom, and there are possible ways to do this on the bathroom floor, even in a tight space where the drainage is an issue. Make sure you ask for advice from each renovator you invite out for a quote, and compare and contrast what each one tells you.

The best renovators will offer you advice that fits your most important goals, so be sure to let them know the main outcomes you want from your bathroom, whether that is a specific look you’re going for, or a specific use of the space, or something else important to you. It’s your bathroom, so at the end of the day be sure to do it in a way that it suits your goals!

Compare apples with apples

When comparing the quotes, write down bullet points about what each quote is offering and compare them at that basis. The best renovators will include a scope of works in their quotes that let you know exactly what they will be doing and make it easier for you to compare apples with apples, rather than apples with oranges.

If you know exactly what it is you want, be sure to request this in writing to each renovator and ask them to reply with an updated quote that matches exactly what you need. The less room there is for misinterpretation, the better the chances of your bathroom coming out exactly as you want and the better the chance that you are fairly comparing the different renovators before choosing the right one.

Feel free to reply to a quote asking for more specific clarification or ask for any change that you feel it needs; this will allow you to make better a comparison and choice downstream.

Ask about past work, including asking for photos, testimonials, or a chance to see the work in person

Most renovators or builders will be more than happy to show you past work, such as photos of work they have done, or refer you to some of their past customers where you may ask about their workmanship or reliability. Workmanship is of particular importance, for example, poorly laid tiles will make a noticeable difference to the look of your bathroom for many years to come.

The best renovators are found through word of mouth, and the best renovators are easily vetted through that way as well, so feel free to ask others that have worked with the renovator in the past about the good side as well as the not so good.

For example, you may ask what some of the best traits of the renovation were, and what were some of the more challenging or less desirable aspects of the renovation or of dealing with the renovator.