The most premium matte black finish

Chromium matte black is a premium finishing technology for tapware, showers and other similar products. It outperforms PVD finishes for scratch and wear resistance. In simple terms, the ranking of performance is as follows: Chromium matte black - hard enough to resist scratching from tools like knife blades during installation, and all regular items used throughout the house. The strongest bond PVD matte black - typically more resistant to long term wear and tear than the next two, but lacks the impenetrability of chromium matte black Electroplated matte black - the most common type of matte black available on the market. It has a nicer colour than PVD matte black and performs better than powder-coated matte black Powder coated matte black - this is a simple paint coloured matte black, the cheapest option, although the wear on the colour happens rapidly, even without the use of harsh chemicals in the bathroom.