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A timer allows for controlling of your heated bathroom towel rails so that you can simply set you schedule and forget, whilst experiencing warm dry towels.

The Eco Timer is a simple timing device designed to go behind the white switch plate provided. The timer operates on a 12 hour schedule meaning it will be on at the same time morning and evening each day of the week. The programmed timer can be selected for a period from 1 to 11 hours and three heat settings can be selected: 50%, 75% or 100%.

The timer is operated using the switch, when you turn the timer on it will start to beep, each beep represents one hour, if you want the rail on for 4 hours wait for 4 beeps, switch the timer off and then back on again and it will do another 4 beeps to confirm it has been set for 4 hours. The rail will come on at the time you set it eg 4pm for four hours and then again at 4am for four hours. The Eco Timer is a very cost effective and simple to operate option although it doesn't offer the same user flexibility as a programmable timer.

  • Supply Voltage: 230–240V AC 50Hz Class II
  • Mounting: Independently Mounted /Suspended by wiring
  • Maximum Load 1A
  • Type of Action Type 1.Q
  • IP Rating IP30
  • Operating Time Variable 1-12 Hours
  • Pollution Degree II
  • Size W49 x H35 x D27
  • No. of Cycle 1
  • Colour White
  • PTI 175
  • Complies To IEC60730-2-7:2015
  • Rated Impulse
  • Voltage 4000Volts
  • Operating Period Continuous
  • BPT 125°C
  • GWT 850°C
  • Ambient Tmin: 0°C, Tmax: 55°C