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Schwarz Matte Black 400mm Square Ceiling Arm

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Product Description

By ATS Team, Last updated on July 30th, 2018

Schwarz Matte Black 400mm Square Ceiling Arm

The Schwarz range introduces affordable and cheaper matte black tapware for modern day luxury. A matte black shower arm / ceiling arm is ideal for any shower.

Less is more with matte black; a stand out, bold and stylish colour, which blends in with the majority of tiles & bathroom products. Matte black sets a scene in your bathroom, which makes it look like a designer bathroom from The Block.

Product Features:

• Electroplated Brass
• Longer projection / arm allows the shower / rain head to be further from the ceiling and closer to you!
• Long arm allows water to be closer to person using the shower head

Design Benefits:

• Practical for affordable design
• Smooth sleek finish
• Artsy for art deco bathrooms
• Eclectic innovation
• Easy clean
• Popular style for home improvement
• Square design matches / blends with square accessories and bathroom products


By ATS Team, Last updated on July 30th, 2018

5 years guarantee against casting defaults and porosity

3 years guarantee against cartridge and valve defaults

12 months guarantee on washers and O rings

12 months guarantee on finish

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Vanities $75
Tiles (Per Pallet) $59
Toilets $50
Cabinets $30
Showers $20
Other $15

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