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By ATS Team, Last updated on November 20th, 2016


New bathroom(s), where do I start?

The best place to start is getting an idea for what you want. Do you need the bathroom to be a set and forget, simple and efficient one? Maybe its you need to enjoy every day for the next 10, 15 or 20+ years? Perhaps you need something to make the house easier to sell? Once you know your priority, ensure that every decision aligns with that. We suggest choosing the look you would like to go for in the following order:

Tiles first: this will influence the look of your bathroom the most

Major fixtures: Showerscreen, bath, vanity and toilet

Minor fixtures: Tapware that match, accessories that match We suggest looking for inspiration on the tiles that you feel are the most right first.

The other items are usually much less significant. Remember, if you don’t like a toilet or tap, you can always swap it, but if you don’t like tiles, everything needs to come out! If you’d like assistance to choose what is best for you, we are always ready to help out. Don’t worry about timing, some of our customers decide everything in an hour and others decide over the course of months, it all depends on your goals!

What is the best way to organise a renovation?

We suggest organising about 3 call-out quotes with bathroom renovators. Feel free to ask their advice and opinions on what is possible to make your bathroom spacious, inviting, easier to clean, etc.

Can I project manage my own bathroom renovation?

Yes it is possible. You will need to ensure you use a licensed trade person where required, such as for plumbing, electrical, waterproofing and tiling.

Is it better to project manage my own renovation or organise a bathroom renovator?

Both are good options and there are pros and cons to each.

Doing it yourself:

+ Usually save on renovation costs

+ More in control of the process

+ Good learning experience

– Time consuming

– Renovation may take longer

– Warranty & Workmanship on particular parts of the renovation may be ambiguous, for example if there is a leak in the shower, was it the waterproofer not sealing right or did the tiler scratch out some waterproofing?


Getting a renovator or builder:

+ Less hassle & saves time

+ Licensed renovator or builder is fully responsible for guarantee on workmanship

– Usually costs extra

– Less control of the process

What is the time frame for a bathroom renovation or new bathroom build?

If it is a renovation, after demolition, a bathroom may take up to 10 days (2 weeks) to finish. If it is a new build, after the framework is up and the floors prepared, a bathroom takes a few quick days. Here is the order of events and approximate timeframes:

  1. Demolition/Construction to stud walls
  2. Concrete floor is cut for floor grates (1 day)
  3. Plumbing & electrical work is adjusted for requirements (1+ day(s))
  4. Wall tapware installed
  5. Plasterboard sheets installed (1 day)
  6. Waterproofing begins (2 days)
  7. Tiling begins (2+ days)
  8. Major fixtures are installed (1+ day(s))
  9. Touch ups: Electrical, plumbing, tiling and any cornices/architraves
  10. Painting, if needed + minor fixtures are installed
  11. Final clean-up

Some steps may happen simultaneously, saving time. A bathroom can be finished in as little as 5 days!

So tiles are very important, what are some tips?

There are no hard and fast best practices for choosing tiles, it will start with your goals. Some very brief goals that our customers frequently have and how you can cater to them:

  • Making a space look larger
    • Larger tiles make a room look larger
    • Tiling to the ceiling and tiling horizontally makes the space look larger
    • Light, neutral colours make a room look larger
  • Minimising cleaning
    • Larger tiles reduce the amount of grout you need to clean
    • Gloss or semi-gloss tiles are easier to clean
  • Making a statement
    • Darker, bold colours stand out more – typically used as features
    • Matt tiles add a touch of elegance
    • Feature tiles look great on walls you see as you walk into the bathroom
  • I have an uneven floor, or non-straight walls
    • Smaller tiles are easier to work with
      • Keep in mind: a sand cement bed may level the floor and large tiles may be cut down where necessary.
    • Using tiles with a slightly rounded edge will make non-level tiling less noticeable
What activities require a plumber? When can I use a handyman?

In addition to other works, you need a plumber for making any changes to fixtures associated with the use of water. For example fitting in a toilet or putting in new wall mixers. You do not need a plumber for changes such as fitting in a new shower screen or fitting in new bathroom accessories. You may use a handyman for non-plumbing works.

Can I do any of the works myself?

You are able to do works that a handyman may do, yourself. For example fitting in accessories or painting a door. We do not suggest doing specialist-trades work yourself.

How do I choose the best bathroom fittings?

There is a lot to say on this topic! The best place to start is ensuring everything you choose aligns with your priority. For example if you want an easily-cleaned bathroom, selecting a seamless back to wall toilet will save cumulative hours of cleaning over a bathroom’s lifetime. There is a lot to learn about so having someone knowledgeable explain the different perks to you will ensure you make the best decision. Our team is trained to address every question about choosing the best fittings.

I need to make sure I get this right, I want to make sure I don’t have leaks in a few years, the bathroom has to look good, I want it to be easy to maintain, I don’t want to spend more than I need to and I don’t want a lot of hassle!

This is something that we believe is very important. Our goal is to have every bathroom decision we assist with fit these criteria. Our network of inspired and excited customers are making their living spaces awesome! Feel free to join the party!

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