Bathroom Brands: 5 Names You Should Know

There are a few Australian bathroom brands that have almost reached household name status. Recognise the name Caroma, or perhaps Fowler? Chances are you do, because the little logo appears on many older toilets, so you may have seen one every time you needed to pee....

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What is unique about new bathroom design in 2016?

There have been unique trends in new bathroom design in 2016, as well as the continuation of some design styles adopted from previous years. People's goals have not changed, with the vast majority of people wanting their bathrooms to look modern, feel good and look...

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Create a Modern Bathroom Without Renovation

It can be pretty easy and affordable to create a modern looking bathroom, and this would be without methods like "resurfacing" that are costly, and not suitable for the long term. You are limited without a full renovation, though you will be able to make a notable...

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Bathroom Colour Schemes Trending in 2016

Bathroom colour schemes may have a big effect on the feel and ambience of your bathroom. The biggest impact of your colour scheme will be on the perceived warmth and the perceived size. In many cases it’s also handy to match the rest of the home, or at least avoid...

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How to Make Your New Bathroom Easy to Clean by Design – 5 tips

Keeping a bathroom easy to clean can be really valuable. Saving time, reducing cleaning headaches, keeping it hygienic and ensuring you get to do better things. Modern, low maintenance and easy to clean bathroom design can be pretty simple, for both renovations and new homes. Lets start with what we need to avoid.

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Building or Renovating an Investment Property?

Key Tips for a Cost Effective, Durable and Attractive Bathroom.   A big advantage of investing in property is the passivity, you typically don’t need to be too pre-occupied with maintaining the building, or at least that’s the ideal outcome…   The Reno...

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